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Ben's Story
In 1790, Alexander Moir arrived in Nova Scotia from Scotland. He opened a small bakery near Citadel Hill to supply bread to Prince Edward's troops. A century later, his family business was passed down to Ben Moir.

Ben began his own business in 1907; a bakery that to this day still carries his name. In those days, Ben personally baked and delivered 100 loaves a day for his loyal customers. Ben's was not only a pioneer in the baking industry, but was also one of the first Maritime bakeries to transport fresh baked goods by train to out of town customers in the province.

Foraging new ground is never easy as Ben's bakery suffered through the Halifax explosion of 1917 and a devastating fire in 1926. Both catastrophes reduced the bakery to ashes. It was perseverance and dedication that rebuilt Ben's Bakery, rooting it firmly into the culture of Atlantic Canada. By 1939, Ben's bread was the largest selling brand in Nova Scotia.

Today, Ben's continues to be the leading brand in Atlantic Canada, guided by the same principles that Ben Moir set forth - "In the future as in the past, the name of Ben's shall be symbolic of service - of excellent quality- of constant and thoughtful endeavor."